In addition excursions also operate to well known attractions such as the London Eye, Alton Towers, Cadbury World, Buckingham Palace to name but a few! Daytours for the coming week are listed in our advertisement on the back page of the Somerset county Gazette and Bridgwater Mercury. Our Daytour Excursion Programme is produced quarterly and what ever your interest there is sure to be a great day out for you at supervalue fares. Reservations can be made quickly and easily by contacting our computerised Reservations Office on Taunton (01823) 331356, through one of our agents You can view a list of our agents here. If booking by telephone our staff will allocate and provide your specific seat number(s) and, on the majority of excursions, you may pay when you board the coach. When booking online you will find details of all our excursions with descriptions and links to sites with additional related information; having selected your tour an “E” ticket will be sent confirming seat numbers, departure points and times. Payment online must be made by credit or debit cards.