About London Superfast

The London Superfast Service, with its modern facilities and friendly service, offers the best in quality, reliability and value - thousands of customers have been whisked to the heart of London in a little over 2 hours (dependant on departure points). 

There's so much to see and do in London... visit friends, see a show, sightseeing... for business or pleasure... but whether you want to experience the bright city lights or enjoy a break in the West Country, our daily services feature a variety of departure/return times which give our customers sufficient choice and flexibility to get maximum value from their travel arrangements. Passengers may travel on any combination of departure/return times and days, either to or from London, in order to facilitate the planning of short or extended stays in either city or country.

Since choice and flexibility have been the cornerstones of our regular Superfast 1 twice daily Monday-Sunday service we were pleased to extend this in November 1992 with the introduction of Superfast 2 which offered people living in South Somerset the opportunity of travel connections to and from London. This service now operates twice daily via Taunton, Ilminster, South Petherton, Yeovil, Ilchester and Wincanton. In July 2012, due to demand, we were pleased to offer Superfast 3 which operates daily from Taunton, Street, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet, Frome, Warminster and Codford. These services not only allow day returns but also affords the opportunity for clients to spend extended breaks and weekends in either the capital or conversely in the West Country.

Choice is ensured with all our services with early morning departures to London allowing passengers to enjoy up to 8 hours on a Day Return - all services depart the capital in the early evening; as an alternative an extra 2 hours may be gained by taking advantage of our late Friday evening 9.00 p.m. return on Superfast I. However, those who prefer to avoid early morning or late evening travel may use the mid morning to London or mid afternoon departures from London on both Superfast l or Superfast 2 which are available Monday to Saturday. If you take advantage of the mid morning departure there is no need for any early rush -you can still look forward to a five hours Day Return in the capital.

Of particular interest for passengers are our extended weekend services which include a late afternoon Friday departure to London on Superfast 1; in addition, for those commuting for breaks to the South West, our Sunday afternoon returns to London on both Superfast I and Superfast 2 enable customers to fully enjoy their country weekends. As with Superfast 1, Superfast 2 offers the opportunity of Day Returns to London on Sundays for those who wish to visit friends, exhibitions etc. Travel on any combination of departure/return times and days either to or from London. Superfast 1,2&3 services are interchangeable within the framework of the timetable. In short - we give you choice, flexibility and value.

Reserve your seat quickly and easily by using our online booking service or contacting our computerised reservation office on Taunton (01823) 331356 where our staff will allocate and advise you of your specific seat number(s).  Alternatively, visit one of our booking agents.