Imperial War Museum and Churchill War Rooms (inclusive) - LONDON

Why not join us for a day of history?

We are going beneath the streets of Westminster where you can walk through a labyrinth of corridors and rooms to discover the secrets of how and where the Second World War was strategically won by Winston Churchill and his war cabinet, as well as millions of men, women and children.

From there we go to The Imperial War Museum which is now located in what was Bethlem Royal Hospital.

On arrival you will be greeted by two very large navel guns housed on the front lawn. Once inside there are many displays which cover not only the major World wars but also those from around the world. You can see aircraft suspended from the ceiling, tanks and many more objects of war. The IWM is about what happens when war breaks out, the consequences and causes of conflict throughout the world. Be prepared to be moved, disheartened and disturbed by the misery war can cause.

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