Five Reasons to Visit London 2020

Five Reasons to Visit London 2020

5 Reasons to Visit London - Scott Berry

This summer I visited London for a family staycation. Here are 5 reasons why now is the perfect time for you to visit the capital too.

1 – You (probably) haven’t had a holiday yet

Since March lockdown, and with travel restrictions as we reopen, lots of plans for summer holidays have had to be cancelled. It’s still a risk to go overseas with two-week quarantines threatening to ruin your return, but you can at least treat the family to a long weekend in our capital, without any risk of a quarantine period ruining your holiday.

2 – London is really quiet

Just as we can’t travel overseas there are hardly any foreign tourists visiting London right now. That means the attractions are quiet, the streets are quiet, and even on the underground, we were always able to get a seat and to socially distance. Many museums, galleries and attractions require advance bookings as they are limiting numbers due to Coronavirus, but bar a few they have availability so as long as you are organised enough to book a few days beforehand it means there’s not much of a queue to get in and when you do they are far quieter than usual. That means you get to see the art in galleries rather than the back of other tourists heads and you can enjoy the exhibitions in museums in peace. Of course, we also have reduced capacity on board so you can travel to London and get home again safely.

3 – London is cheaper than ever now

The other advantages of foreign tourists not visiting are the hotels are quiet, so have slashed their prices. We stayed right in the centre, just a minute’s walk from the London Eye (which you could see from the hotel window) and just over the bridge from Big Ben, and we only paid £76/night bed and breakfast for our whole family. 

4 – You can support British Business

As we come out of Coronavirus there is even more of a drive to support local business. By having a staycation in London not only can you support our struggling tourist industry in the capital but closer to home you can support a local Somerset family firm by travelling with Berrys Coaches as we start to reopen.

5 – Attractions are reopening

London is full of exciting attractions, and things to do as a family. If you've exhausted all that there is to do in the West Country, taking a comfortable, safe trip to London with Berrys Coaches. It's an easy option to keep the family entertained.