Winner Announcement: London Superfast

Winner Announcement: London Superfast

Winner Announcement - London

To celebrate our latest special offer for familes, i.e. KIDS GO FREE, we gave our fans a chance to win a family trip to London this summer. We asked them to comment their favourite days out in London and tag the family or friends they'll take with them if they won. We received over 120 very interesting responses and selecting the winner was indeed very difficult. Here are the top 5 responses, including our winner, Lisa-jay Palmer. 

5. Charlotte Johnstone - RAINFOREST CAFE: "I would love to take my girls to see the rainforest cafe. They would think that’s so magical."

4. Louise Leadbeater - SKY GARDEN: "Would love to go back to Buckingham Palace , check out the views from the Sky Garden, shopping and champagne - fab xx"

3. Zoë Toornent - GOD'S OWN JUNKYARD: "I would take my mum Jennie Harris and my daughter Natasha Harris, and show them the wonderful place that is God’s Own Junkyard. We’d have cake at the Rolling Scones Cafe and would sit in the garden enjoying the eclectic collection of artefacts as well as all the neon lights!"

2. Hannah Mallows-Redman - POLLOCKS TOY MUSEUM: "I would love to take my kids to Pollocks toy museum as I've not been there since I was young. Seeing the new BBC centre would be cool if we had time. I used to spend a lot of my childhood at white city and in the blue Peter garden. My uncle worked for the BBC. Love to show my kids how I spent my childhood before the Internet lol x"

1. Lisa-jay Palmer - LONDON EYE"Never took my family to London but have looked at taking them to see changing the guard or trooping the colour... Tower of London n the London eye where I am thinking of asking my bloke to marry me... x"

We thank all our participants for such amazing suggestions and we wish our winner all the very best with the proposal. Keep us posted Lisa-jay! :)