Somerset Rural Life Museum: A Berrys Coaches Visitors Guide

Exploring the Charms of Somerset Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury

Stepping into this museum is akin to taking a journey back in time, immersing oneself in the traditions, livelihoods, and daily routines of Somerset’s past. From quaint cottages to vintage farming equipment, each artefact tells a compelling story of resilience, ingenuity, and community spirit.

What’s it all about?

At the heart of the Somerset Rural Life Museum lies a deep commitment to preserving and celebrating the region’s agricultural heritage. Through interactive exhibits, informative displays, and engaging workshops, the museum seeks to educate visitors about the evolution of farming practices and the vital role that agriculture has played in shaping Somerset’s identity.

From the humble beginnings of subsistence farming to the mechanization of agriculture in the 20th century, the museum chronicles the profound changes that have occurred within the rural landscape. Visitors can explore the evolution of farming techniques, the impact of industrialization on rural communities, and the enduring connection between humans and the land.

What can I expect to see?

The Somerset Rural Life Museum is not just a repository of artefacts; it’s a living, breathing testament to the resilience and creativity of Somerset’s rural communities. Throughout the year, the museum hosts a variety of events, workshops, and demonstrations designed to engage visitors of all ages.

For children, there are hands-on activities that allow them to experience traditional crafts, games, and chores firsthand. From weaving and pottery to butter churning and haymaking, these interactive experiences offer a fun and educational way to connect with the past.

Where is the Somerset Rural Life Museum From The Berrys Drop Off Point

The nearest Berrys Drop Off is located at the Town Hall Bus Stop in Glastonbury. We’ve included a Google Maps route to help guide you there.

How do I get there from the Berrys Drop Off?

Somerset Rural Life Museum is approximately 12 minutes on foot from the Wells Bus and Coach station.

As you step off the coach, turn left onto Magdalene St

At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Fisher’s Hill/A361

Turn left onto Bere Ln/A361
Somerset Rural Life Museum will be on the right after approximately 300m