The Chalice Well

Exploring The Chalice Well: A Berrys FAQ Guide

The Chalice Well, with its rich history, mystical ambiance, and reputed healing properties, stands as a testament to the enduring allure of sacred sites. Join me on a journey as we explore the depths of this mystical well and unravel its secrets.

What’s it all about?

The origins of The Chalice Well are shrouded in myth and legend, adding to its mystique. According to local folklore, the well marks the site where Joseph of Arimathea, the biblical figure associated with the burial of Jesus, placed the Holy Grail after Christ’s crucifixion.

Legend has it that Joseph, upon arriving in Glastonbury, thrust his staff into the ground, which miraculously bloomed into a thorn tree. The Chalice Well is said to have sprung forth at the foot of this sacred tree, its waters imbued with divine energy.

What can I expect to see?

In an age of rampant urbanisation and environmental degradation, the preservation of sacred sites like The Chalice Well takes on added importance. The Chalice Well Trust, a charitable organisation dedicated to the upkeep and conservation of the site, works tirelessly to ensure its protection for future generations.

Through sustainable land management practices, educational initiatives, and community outreach programs, the Trust strives to maintain the integrity and beauty of The Chalice Well and its surrounding gardens. By fostering a sense of stewardship and reverence for the land, they honor the ancient traditions and spiritual heritage embodied by this sacred sanctuary.

Where the Chalice Well From The Berrys Drop Off Point

The nearest Berrys Drop Off is located in Glastonbury, outside the Town Hall. We’ve included a Google Maps route to help guide you there.

How do I get there from the Berrys Drop Off?

The Chalice Well is approximately 17 minutes on foot.

Walk north on Magdalene St towards Benedict St

Continue onto Market Pl

Market Pl turns slightly right and becomes High Street

Turn right onto Hanover Square

Hanover Square turns left and becomes Silver St

Turn right onto Chilkwell St and continue for half a mile

Go through 1 roundabout

The Chalice Well will be on the left