Madam Tussauds

Expect to see a mind-blowing collection of wax statues

Madam Tussauds in London is a super cool and famous wax museum that’s definitely worth checking out! It’s all about giving you the chance to get up close and personal with incredibly lifelike wax figures of famous celebrities, historical figures, sports icons, and even fictional characters.

What’s it all about?

What’s really exciting is that you can interact with the wax figures in various ways. Take selfies with your favorite stars, strike a pose, or even have a friendly chat (well, kind of!) with your favorite historical figure. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in a world of fame and history, where you can pretend to be best buds with some of the most famous people on the planet.

So, grab your camera, bring your friends, and get ready to have a blast at Madam Tussauds in London. It’s an experience that’s both entertaining and surreal, and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve met some of your idols in the most unique way possible.

What can I expect to see?

When you visit Madam Tussauds, you can expect to see a mind-blowing collection of wax statues that’ll make you do a double take. You’ll find famous faces from the world of Hollywood, such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Johnny Depp. You can rub shoulders with music legends like Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Freddie Mercury. And if you’re into sports, you’ll be able to stand next to superstars like David Beckham and Usain Bolt.

But it’s not just about celebrities. Madam Tussauds also features historical figures that shaped the world we live in. You’ll come face to face with influential leaders like Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, and Queen Elizabeth II. And for all you superhero fans out there, get ready to geek out as you encounter characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wonder Woman.

Where is Madam Tussauds located?

We’ve included a Google Maps route to help guide you there.

How do I get there from the Berrys drop off point?

Getting to The Crystal Maze Experience from our Hammersmith drop-off is easy and will take approximately 23 minutes by Underground. At Hammersmith, hop on the Hammersmith and City Line bound for Barking. After 10 stops, exit the Underground at Baker Street and out the main exit onto the A501/Marylebone Road main square onto Shaftsbury Avenue and head right.

Walk for about three minutes and Madam Tussauds will be on the left.