King Charles III Coronation; Where, When and How?

Category: News 10th April 2023

Check out what London is doing during the inauguration of the new monarch

On 6th May, many people will be travelling to London to see the Coronation of the new monarch. For most people, this will be a once-in-a-generation opportunity to see London in full celebration mode. Once they get to the capital, many visitors will be asking themselves “well…what now?!”

In our handy guide, we hope to give you the best way to experience the Coronation and all the surrounding pomp and pageantry. While some of the finer details remain under wraps, there is still plenty to anticipate as the capital celebrates King Charles’ formal ascension to the throne.

The Coronation Ceremony

Opinions on King Charles and the monarchy as a whole will differ. This possibly goes some way to explaining why Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the ceremony will “reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry”. Whatever your opinion, it’s difficult to deny that this event will showcase London at its finest and attract many visitors from around the world over the 3-day celebrations.

King Charles III will be the 40th monarch in British history to be crowned at Westminster Abbey. This coronation ceremony will undoubtedly be the highlight of the 3 days, attracting the eyes of people in Britain and around the world.

Unless you are an international head of state or dignitary (anyone?) then you won’t be able to experience the Coronation inside Westminster Abbey itself. This probably won’t come as a surprise. If you want to see the Ceremony, then your only option is going to be via a screen on some description.

Expect the surrounding Royal Parks (St James’ Park and Green Park) to be full to capacity. Nothing has been formally confirmed yet, but if previous Jubilee celebrations are to go by, then you can expect large screens to be erected in the parks to view the ceremony and procession. If you plan to take a more leisurely approach to the celebrations, these spots will make a great picnic and Pimm’s-sipping venue while still getting into the Royal spirit.

Whatever your choice, both sites are likely to be extremely busy so be prepared to get there early and stake your spot with blankets and deckchairs!


There will be 2 main processions between Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. The first, The King’s Procession, will take him to Westminster. The second, The Coronation Procession, will take him back to Buckingham Palace before he (and members of the Royal Family) appear on their balcony to conclude the day’s celebrations. While the route isn’t finalised yet – most likely due to security considerations – we strongly suspect that the procession will go down The Mall like pretty much every other of its type. This might well be your best opportunity to see the King and Queen Consort in person. Just get there early!

Coronation Concert

This huge music concert will celebrate the formal induction of the new monarch, with performances from stars new and old. The concert will be held on Sunday 7th May at Windsor Castle. Sadly, you’ve missed the opportunity to get tickets now, so your best chance of seeing the concert while getting the London spirit is via one of the large TV screens that will likely be set up in the Royal Parks, or at any bar/pub of your choosing.

The performers are yet to be fully confirmed, however, Lionel Ritchie and Take That (minus Robbie) are hotly tipped to be in attendance. The concert follows the main coronation on the Saturday, so expect a more laid-back concert akin to the Jubilee celebrations, reflected in the nature of the performances.

Coronation Big Lunch

Much in the same vein as the Jubilee, the ‘Coronation Big Lunch’ aims to bring people together for a street party and lunch to celebrate. It’s encouraged on Sunday 7th May – the same day as the concert. If you’re travelling to the capital to celebrate, you have probably left your own street behind. But that’s no reason to celebrate. Anticipate a carnival and community atmosphere inside many of London’s Royal (and non-Royal) parks, with picnics and BBQs aplenty.

Other ‘unofficial’ activities

If you want to enjoy something a little more upbeat then the Neverland Bar is offering a bottomless Pimm’s deal over the weekend, along with a beach theme (very Summer-like) and shuffleboard, darts and ping pong.

For something slightly more family-friendly, then any baking enthusiasts will enjoy a 2-hour course at The School of Icing. Here, attendees can learn to ice and decorate a range of Royal-themed biscuits resulting in a certificate of excellence for those that meet its standards. Expect guidance on colouring, piping, feathering, line and flood icing, as well as the opportunity to take your creations away and eat them at the aforementioned picnic! 

In keeping with the quintessential Britishness, many venues are offering a Coronation Afternoon tea. One of the better options is Searcys at 116 Pall Mall which is just a scone’s throw (their pun, not ours!) from Buckingham Palace. This is likely to give you an excellent spot in the midst of the action to enjoy the celebration from. The afternoon tea starts from around £40pp – which for the venue in a central London location on Coronation Day, is something special.   

Whether you love the Royal Family, or are just glad to have a long bank holiday weekend, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit London. Pomp and pageantry are something that the Royals do best, and is always something best enjoyed first-hand. Why not take the opportunity to book a Berrys Coach trip as a cost-effective, stress-free and convenient way to beat the crowds and enjoy this special weekend?